The Best of Brainiacs

Brainiacs – an educational activity organized in the form of an intellectual game, where participants enhance their speaking skills via communication in English while providing the answers to the questions suggested for a specific game. With Brainiacs we aim at your vocabulary expansion, speaking and listening skills improvement, fluency development and raising cultural awareness. Participants don’t necessarily have to speak English well 🙂 You come to learn something – we teach something new:)

Brainiacs has a number of rules, of course:
  1. The use of any digital devices is prohibited.
  2. Brainiacs Software, specifically designed for the needs of the game, shows the timer on the screen given for each question. Depending on the complexity of the question, thinking time is different.
  3. There are 10 categories, each containing 7 questions. Total: 70 questions.
  4. After each category you have 30 seconds to brush up your answers.
  5. When 30 seconds is up – you raise your answer sheets and we collect them.
  6. The number of participants in a team – up to 8 people.
  7. There is 1 break: after 5th category.
  8. Taking into account that Brainiacs is all about English we offer a lot of different categories.

(The number of categories for each game is 10. So each time we change the categories a bit:)

When playing the game, some disagreements may arise. To settle a disagreement we will rely on the following dictionaries:
4. (Longman)

And here are probably the most emotional moments collected from all Brainiacs events!

Check out – English can be fun!!!