Brainiacs FAQ Eng

You’ve decided to join Brainiacs Pub Quiz, to play English and have fun, but have no idea how to start playing. Please find a list of frequently asked questions answered below. The answers to these questions will help you understand the whole process from “registering for the game” to “getting the winner’s prize from Brainiacs”

1. I saw a post/event on Facebook/Vkontakte/Instagram, my friends shared this, but I don’t know how to register my team. HELP!

– The games are held once a month. We start the registration for the game 2 weeks before the event. We usually publish a post with opening the registration in our Brainiacs groups (see the links below, we’re playing in 2 cities, choose yours). You can find the link to the registration Google form in the text of this post. If you saw the event on Facebook, you can find this link in the description of the event. If you follow us on Instagram, this link can be found in bio. So simply follow this link, answer 3 questions and press “submit”. Well done! Your team’s registered:)

Group Brainiacs Pub Quiz (Minsk) – Facebook

Group Brainiacs (Minsk) – Vkontakte

Account Brainiacs (Minsk) – Instagram

Group Brainiacs Pub Quiz (Kyiv) – Facebook

Account Brainiacs (Kyiv) – Instagram

2. How many people can be in a team?

– We play Brainiacs Pub Quiz in teams of 4-8 people. So basically, if you invite a friend, a colleague and one more friend, then it’s a team:) See the 1st question and register your team:)

3. I’d love to play, but have no team. Is there a way out?

– Sure! A few teams of individual players, those who wish to play but have no team, play with us every game. How to join such a team? No rocket science here:) A week before the event we publish a post about the search of individual players. This post is usually a picture which says “Looking for individual players” or “Call for individual players”, you’ll notice it for sure. So you need to put “+” in comments under this post (or “++” or “+++” if you are bringing a friend or two). And done! You’re on the list of individual players. Told you, no rocket science here:)

4. I’ve registered my team, but don’t know where I can see the list of teams to make sure my team is on the list. Can I call you?

– You can call us anytime:) But there’s an easier way:) All you need is to be a member of one of our Brainiacs groups on Facebook/Vkontakte/Instagram. A week before the event we publish a preliminary list of registered teams. We update the list every 2-3 days. Just in case if your team is not on the list and you’re sure you’ve registered it, just let us know (send a message in the group, leave a comment under this post with the preliminary list of registered teams, go through the registration again (where to find the registration form – see question 1) or call us:))

5. I’ve put “+” in comments under the post about the search of individual players. What’s next? Can I call you?

– Well, you can call us anytime (see question 4):)  In case when you put “+” under the post about the search of individual players, simply come to the pub on the day of the event and tell the organizers that you’re an individual player. They will show you where your team is:)

6. Well, and what is Brainiacs Pub Quiz all about?

– That’s a really good question:)) You can find more information about the project here (check out on some videos/photos) However, it’s better to try Brainiacs Pub Quiz and get the impression while playing the game:)

7. How long is the game? I’ve got a dog and it’s waiting for me at home.

– The game lasts 2 hours 25 minutes, sometimes it can take a bit longer. Let’s say you’ve come to the game at 19:00. It means you’ll be able to explore the streets with your furry friend at around 22:00 (well, it also depends on the time you spend on the way home)

8. How much is the entry? And how can I pay?

– This information can be found on the registration Google form. Alternatively, you can find it in the text to the post about the registration opening.

9. I don’t agree with the answer. I’m sure my team provided the right answer. Who do I complain to?

– Complain to us! We’re doing our best to come up with the questions that have only one possible answer. However, sometimes there might be more than one answer. For example that answer of your team that we haven’t accepted. If you want your answer to be accepted, please go to the organizers after the results are announced (and we do it twice – we show preliminary results after 5th category and final results after 10th category) and demand to consider your answer. To do it quickly and painlessly for both you and us, it would be great if you could prepare a resource (link) which shows some evidence supporting your answer. We’re not only happy when you learn something new with us but also glad to learn something from you:)

10. Are there any other rules I should know?

– Yes. Say NO to your mobile phones when answering the questions. Use your brain to the full and play fair. Say YES to your mobile phones when taking a selfie or checking in at the event. This way you help us tell the Brainiacs story to more people:)

11. I’ve noticed a mistake in the question. How can I criticize you? An incredible idea struck me while playing and I want to make a recommendation on how to make the project better.

– Constructive criticism is always good and we’re always eager to receive it from you. We’ve grown the project to what it is now with your help, with that very criticism and those recommendations. Share your ideas with us in a message in any of our groups, or send us an email to (Minsk) / (Kyiv) or call us:)) We’ll be glad to hear from you, because the sky is the limit and we always strive for perfection:)


Brainiacs Pub Quiz – is all about English&Fun. And your emotions, very different emotions, that we love so much:)